How to Attract The Delhi Crowd to an Event 101.

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May 15, 2019
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How to Attract The Delhi Crowd to an Event 101.

There are many quirks that the Delhi crowd has, and with the number of events happening in Delhi each day, it gets tougher to attract a crowd to any event. But don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have some sure shot hacks that every event organizer in Delhi should know of.

Make sure you are on Social Media!
This one hits home with the Delhi crowd. They will check out your event everywhere once they get to know about it; this includes Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. So make sure that your event is listed on all the social media platforms and can be easily found on Google. This will make sure that you look authentic, and the turn-out is more massive.

Engage with the Influencers and get out there!
Another critical step to get your even noticed in a city like Delhi is to have at least one known name behind it. Local celebrities and Delhi based Instagram influencers do the job well. They can help your event get the reach it needs and help you brand yourself as one of the must go to events in the city. Though, finding the right influencers can be tricky, while finding one, keep in mind the audience that you want to target. 

Get featured!A lot of Delhiites nowadays pick there events from websites like Little Black Book Delhi and So Delhi, if possible get your event featured on these websites, it is bound to attract the attention of people or at least intrigue them enough to check out your event. Furthermore, it’s easy to get featured on these websites as they are always on the lookout for events that they can cover so, it is a win for both sides! 

Create a hype!Delhi is all about going to places where everyone is going. Thus, to make sure that people come to your event you need to ensure that you get people to talk about it before the event has even happened! Take to social media, make a behind the scenes movie, talk about the guests coming to the event an the theme of the event, all of this will definitely ensure that your event seems like the place to be. 

Hire professionals!This one is important, organizing an event and gathering a crowd can be rough in Delhi. This is where event management companies can come to your rescue. Why do you want to slog through a job that someone else would love to do for you? Get your event organized by professionals and ensure that people turn up in surprising numbers. If you are looking for one, we are at your service. Spinoff can also help you with corporate event management.

Most importantly, get out there!You know your event is going to be one that this city needs, so don’t hesitate to realize your vision and organize that event you have been waiting on for years.

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